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Talk Information

[Topic] How does GUNG HO! PIZZA become a B Corp?

[Time] March 1st, 2017. 7pm-8:30pm

[Location] Room 214, Building 2, Guanghua School of Management, PKU

[Host] Guanghua-Yintai Research Center for Philanthropy and Social Impact

[Language] Chinese

7:00pm—7:45pm: GUNG HO! Founder Jade gives the talk

7:45pm—8:10pm: Dialoge between Guanghua Professor Jing Xu and Jade

8:10pm—8:30pm: Q&A

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【彩蛋彩蛋】参加讲座的学生有机会到叫板比萨实习,深入感受到底什么是B Corp(共益企业)!
[Surprise and Bonus] GUNG HO! provides potential Internship opportunity for students who attend this talk! A chance to get to know what does a Benefit Corporation actually like and do :)

关于叫板比萨(GUNG HO!)


叫板比萨Gung Ho!Pizza创始于2010年,英文名“Gung Ho!Pizza”。由两位来自新西兰的外国友人创立。叫板比萨采用健康的全麦面粉,正宗的薄饼饼底,新鲜美味的顶料形成独特的比萨组合,然后整个产品的形象走向了明亮亮的“粉”——这是其他任何一家餐饮公司不会考虑的颜色,这绝不是不是一个草率的决定,粉色是叫板的态度——不仅仅是脱颖而出,是另辟蹊径。

创始人受到户外服装品牌 Patagonia巴塔哥尼亚(也是一家获得B Corp认证的企业)的启发,想要创建一个与众不同的公司,一个不仅仅追求利润,同时关注人和地球的可持续发展的公司。叫板比萨Gung Ho!Pizza用“三重底线”Triple Bottom Line原则来实现可持续发展目标,这三重底线从以下三个方面来衡量:利润(企业经营状况)、 人(对自己团队和所有有可能产生关联的人的影响)以及 地球(对环境的影响)。2016年,叫板比萨成为中国大陆第三家获得B Corp认证的企业!


A Different Kind of Pizza Company…-太阳城娱乐网

Gung Ho began in 2010, when the pizza game in Beijing was very different from today. Founders Jade Gray and John O’Loghlen looked at the industry and thought they could do a little better. So they created a new kind of pizza, healthy wholewheat flour, rustic thin crust, fresh gourmet toppings in new unique combinations. Then they wrapped it all up in a color no food company would ever choose – bright pink.

The choice of color was more than just a random selection. It represents the Gung Ho attitude, the desire to not just stand out from the crowd, but to stand apart from it, to go in a different direction. The off-the-wall marketing, collaborations with local brands, the eagerly anticipated pizza box cover designs – 16 of them now, all by local artists – all stem from the need to do something for the fun of it.

But pizza and marketing are not the only thing they’re known for. They’re also well known for their Green sustainability program. Headed by their environmental manager, the Gung Ho! Green Team has switched to recycled paper for menus and packaging, cutting energy and water use, and reducing waste by 42.6% in 2013.

But perhaps what Gung Ho is best known for is their commitment to service. To quote founder Jade, “Service is all about great people. If you can’t get great people, you can’t do great service. We spend a lot of time finding these amazing people and taking care of them, help them develop and grow. At the end of the day, we’re not a pizza company, we’re a people company.”

什么是B Corp(共益企业)?


B Corp(共益企业)是指获得了B Corporation认证的企业,B Corp认证体系是由美国一家非营利组织B Lab发起的,B Lab成立于2006年7月,创始人是三位斯坦福的校友,他们成立B Lab的初衷是认为建设一个更加社会友好环境友好的经济形态是需要系统的改变,这个系统的改变需要将公民社会的建设与市场的力量结合起来。目前全球共有4万多家企业申请,并且超过2000家的企业获得了B Corp认证,这些企业分布在全球50个国家,覆盖了130个行业。


获得B Corp认证需要在公司治理、员工福利、社区利益、环境保护以及有影响力的商业模式方面进行全面的评估,达到一定标准后才能获得此认证。成为合格的B型企业也是个长期的过程。每个想要被认证的公司都需要完成严格的评估,,以获得不低于80的评分,最高分是200分,大多数公司的得分在40和100之间。成为B Corp可以帮助公司延续自身的社会和环境使命、与志同道合的企业领袖们归属同一个团体、吸引对公司高度认同的人才、增加品牌的曝光机会、吸引有社会责任感的投资人并提升客户的忠诚度。

What is a B Corp?

What Fair Trade certification is to coffee, B Corps is to sustainable enterprise, leading the global movement of people using business as a force for good.

B Corp Accreditation

Becoming a Certified B Corporation is a long process. Each company is required to complete a rigorous assessment covering governance and transparency, treatment and welfare of workers, as well as impact on the community and the environment in order to earn a reviewed minimum score of 80 points out of a possible 200 with most companies scoring between 40 and 100.




Jade的第一个企业是一家健身房,在北京地区的有3家店。Jade与中国比萨第一次接触是他自己的企业,五道口的PYRO比萨。Jade经营的PYRO和LUSH是五道口两个成功的学生酒吧及餐厅。LUSH已经有7年的时间了,并连续五年赢得了北京人杂志的“最佳学生聚会的场所”奖。Jade也是全球企业家论坛的组织领导(Entrepreneurs Organization)。

Jade在2011年创立了一个收养流浪猫和流浪狗的非营利组织“Peking Pups”,倡导“领养代替购买”的理念。另外,他在2016年联合其他环保组织发起了“北京第一届地球日环保节”的活动,并邀请市集手工艺者和品牌到现场,在现场还设置了环保电影展映厅以及慈善拍卖等活动和环节,并将长城的清理活动纳入到环保节的重要环节中,这是他践行环保理念的又一实践。


Let’s meet Jade Grey the founder!

Wanaka native Jade Gray flew to China in 1997, along with 200 head of Black Angus cattle to manage a farm in the remote Chinese city of Tieling. Since then, he founded a chain of gyms before diving into the fast evolving Chinese food and beverage scene.

His café/bar Lush, located in the center of Beijing’s university district, has won the award for Best Student Hangout 12 years running, and led to the creation of his second F&B venture, Pyro Pizza.

With a perspective and on-the-ground experience that encompasses both ends of the burgeoning pizza explosion, Jade and his Partner John have combined practical know-how and global best-practices in the pursuit of their latest venture: Gung Ho! Pizza.

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The Guanghua-Yintai Research Center for Philanthropy and Social Impact is the first research center established in a business school in China which promotes advance knowledge in philanthropy and social impact with business methodology and management skills, including CSR, social innovation, social entrepreneurship and impact investing.




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